Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Monday! The Working Out Dilemma! And New Books...Part One!

Working out soon...I just got a cool new iPad holder for my treadmill...I have tried reading my kindle while on my treadmill...but it doesn't I have this iPad holder...I will know soon if that works...sigh!

What is it about treadmills...they are just so boring? Walking is what I would rather do...or biking...but our development has only two streets...that do not I have to walk up and down our street...which I do sometimes but that gets boring, too...even with a stroller full of kitties. The street is long and hilly but there is nothing fun to see. To get to the other street I have to walk around the pond and then through someone's back yard...then around and back again...whew! I do that sometimes, too but it's still a pain.

Then yesterday I thought that we should buy a little rowboat...and I could row around the pond.
Like this...but every time I googled small rowboats...they were all in England...this is from eBay in the UK. But look at how sweet this one is!

 ones from Amazon and publishers! I have cover love for all of these!

From Amazon...I saw only five star reviews so we shall

One man, three wives, the perfect murder. A scintillating novel of betrayal and conspiracy...

From Amazon...

A QUEST NOVEL and a historical tour de force, The Steady Running of the Hour unravels a tale of passion, legacy, and courage reaching across the twentieth century...

From Amazon...

For the audience that made Commencement a New York Times bestseller comes a novel about women making their way in the world...

From Amazon...
An astonishing debut about friendships made in youth, The Girls from Corona del Mar is a fiercely beautiful novel about how these bonds, challenged by loss, illness, parenthood, and distance, either break or endure...

From Amazon...
You're alone. You're vulnerable. And you have something that someone else wants. At any cost...

Yummy yummy books! The mailbox was overflowing this week!

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh Steady Running of the Hour is one I really want to read! And I love you more is on my wish list :)

    Love the boat! It's very cute. You should get yourself a two person Kayak!

    1. I thought about a kayak but there is more room to read in a little boat without tipping over!

  2. Wow, there are some interesting books there. I couldn't do rowing! That is difficult! I plan on getting Stella out more, now that weather has broken.

  3. I Love You More looks like a page-turner!

    I also find it difficult to read and exercise. I have an exercise bike...boring! My neighborhood isn't interesting for walking, either. And we have lots of short blocks....

  4. I LOVE using a treadmill! Give me an iPod full of music and I am good to go! :-)

  5. Enjoy the books!

    I actually don't mind the treadmill at the gym. I listen to an audiobooks and it's fine. I prefer outside though, but only if it's not raining, not too cold and not too hot.