Friday, April 25, 2014

It's Adventure Day! We Are Going On A Field Trip!

After a strenuous and exhausting two day work week...for Den...he is off today...and as Director Of Our Family Activities...I have planned a jaunt to Wyebrook Farms!
We can hug animals, buy eggs, get veggies and even have lunch! This place is 40 minutes away and we had no clue it even existed! So much for knowing our area! Sigh! This farm even has bike trails and walking paths!

Finished this...fact paced and fun...loaded with suspense!

Working on this...really good...private school...bullies...revenge...yum!

This real book will step in next...

Amazon Vine yesterday was filled with amazing books...I will share them soon!

Just a teaser...this one...I can't wait to read this cover!

Happy Friday!


  1. How cool! Enjoy your day :) I wanna be on the Vine - I have no box of books coming for me :) I'm jealous of both lol. You tell Den he is more than allowed to relax!

  2. Replies
    1. It was such fun except for the way Den drives on country roads...I almost got carsick!

  3. Probably just me but half the images in your post never loaded for me. Have fun at the farm!

  4. I'm jealous! that looks like a superb day out! Pet a cow for me!

    1. It was awesome! I know you would love it!

  5. What fun! Wear good shoes and take a zillion pics for us.

  6. Great covers!

    I love that you got to take a grownup field trip. I know they are less stressful than the ones we take at school. :) Looks like fun!

  7. You have treasures right in your back yard! Almost...and what a beautiful surrounding area where you live. Thanks for sharing...and enjoy the weekend.