Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Not A Normal Tuesday!

In yesterday's post I forgot to say why it wasn't a normal Monday...lol...Den is off all week and we went to see Divergent! We went in the middle of the day...there were 6 people in the theatre and I loved the movie! Den loved the movie, too, but not as much as I did. I am trying to talk him into getting this tattoo...the one Four has! So far...not good!

Today we have middle of the day dental check ups...ick...so it's not a normal Tuesday but not in a good way...sigh...I hate going to the dentist. But...we are going to go out to lunch afterward and then we are going to use a yummy Christmas gift card to buy a new blender! What fun, right?

In spite of beginning nearly buried in review books...I am reading this one...of mine...it's yummy. Lately I am such a random reader...a blogger...most likely...was discussing this book and it caught my eye. I already had it so I started it last night and it's really awesome. I kind of like random reading!

Have a lovely happy day!


  1. I love going to the movie in the middle of the day because there are so few people there.

  2. I'm debating whether to go see Divergent or not. I though my daughter would want to, but she doesn't seem interested.

  3. Not a normal Tuesday here, either. Been cooking 'privately' for some folks, on the 'island' here all last week. (no photos allowed)...sigh! Just resting today, in the gloomy, rainy and chilly weather in S. Florida!

    So glad you and Den shared some fun time at the movies in the daytime, lunch out, is always fun...dentist...NOT! Have to go for cleaning soon...have a great week, Patty!

  4. I hate the dentist, too! You do have to reward yourself afterwards...gives you something to look forward to....

    I am on the fence about seeing Divergent (I didn't read the book). But the previews I've seen have been awesome, and I will see anything with Kate Winslet. I also like the girl Shailene Woodley, too.