Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Lazy Saturday!

I am totally hooked on these things...Zentangles! Thanks, Carol! Lol! I have always sort of been intrigued by them and every time I see one somewhere I want to draw one.

So...I bought this book...

And I bought some special pens and I am zen doodling all over the place!

Tonight? Dinner Date Night! House Of William And Merry!

Reading...this book...still...sigh! Yesterday was a busy day! We popped into a new gastro pub for an early dinner! Fun...we had a turkey burger and a hamburger and sweet potato fries! Den had a 12% alcohol beer yesterday...a micro brew called Whisper...then we went home to books and TV!

Happy Day!


  1. What's a zentangle? You're coloring the designs in the book like a coloring book?

  2. The Zentangles look like something I would love- because those looks similar to the doodles I draw. Hope you enjoy doing them! Dinner sounds delicious- have fun. :)


  3. Wow, zentangle is new to me, too!

    Your dinner out sounds sooo good. And I have been reading the same book since yesterday....distractions!

  4. I think I heard about zentangles for the first time last week. I want to see some of your creations!!

  5. Zentangling (Is that a word?) is too fun, isn't it?