Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Lazy Day...

Ok...I am having a really lazy day...mostly because of this...she has settled herself on me and I can't move...Roxie is so active that this rarely happens...but she is forcing me to finish my books.


These will be done today! Positively...absolutely...most likely!

Unless Den distracts me with something trivial like a movie...but I do not want to see that Hotel Budapest movie...I blew up my blender so we have to go get a new one...craving morning this lazy day has the potential to be a not lazy day...but only when Roxie wakes up!

I think I have to read this next...

Happy Day!


  1. I have had a crazy day and long for a lazy day.

  2. Sometimes you just need to relax and "be lazy". Cats get it!

  3. Your lazy day sounds lovely! I want one! Now that report cards are going home tomorrow I think I must order myself a lazy day on Saturday (plus we had conferences this week- I am tired). :)


  4. Beautiful chocolate-point Siamese!! My parents always had one of these cats my whole childhood. They are very talkative and frisky and independent.
    I have Moon Sisters on my wishlist now and have read the first Susan Ee book as a buddy read with my adult daughter last year or so. It is a bit out of my usual zone, but I do remember enjoying it.
    Have a fun lazy day!

  5. I entered a comment last night, but it's not here! LOL

    When I clicked to publish, I think something went wrong...anyway, I had such a lazy day yesterday that I even took a fairly long nap. Probably because the night before, I was up reading. Enjoy your Friday.

  6. I have shots of one of my sweethearts in the same position---and yes---you're trapped until they say so!! Lol... Love it!