Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why I Love Thursday!

Actually...I am not sure!

I used to love it because it was almost the week's end and Friday was always a fun teaching day...but now I love it because potentially it's Pasta Thursday!

These are our "pastabilities" today!

Caprese Baked Pasta from Simply Delicious!

Baked Kale Pasta from Alexandra's Kitchen!

Cheesy Lasagna Bolognese from Brown Eyed Baker!


This is a Crispy Oven Fried one from Epicurious! Yum...but I have chatted about pasta so much that Den is kind of counting on it...hmmm!

Books! I am reading NOTHING I thought I would be two sort of food themed books in a row that are written about the area where we live. Finished this one...brothers and restaurants.

Started this one...which has references to a town everyone loves around here called New Hope. New Hope has great little quirky shops and inns and's so much fun to visit! People from NYC and Philadelphia love New Hope for a close relaxing getaway. I think there is even local theatre there. It's close to Peddler's Village which is the home of Skip's Candy Shop! Once a year when we are there I buy three Mary Janes...that peanut buttery bad for your teeth sticky candy that I have always loved. So...I am really enjoying this it has recipes!

Off to read and decide about dinner!

Happy Reading!


  1. I am starting to have a reaction to corn pasta now. I am still okay with rice pasta, which is actually preferred in taste but all this gluten stuff has turned me off to pasta. I used to love it so. The other day, I made some really good sauce and poured it over buffalo mozzarella... and just ate it that way! It was actually very good. The sauce had a lot of meat in it, veggies too. It almost felt like I was eating mozzarella sticks.

    Thursdays do nothing for me. I am thinking about the weekend though.

  2. Thursday is the gateway to the weekend! Now I want pasta. . .

  3. you can never go wrong with a recipe from the Brown Eyed Baker!

  4. Those all look so delicious! And Thursdays are sometimes "Vine" day, too, although today's offerings sucked...LOL.

  5. I hope your dinner was good! I love anything Caprese. :)

    I love Thursdays and tomorrow my class gets to have PJ/Comfy Cozy Day. Yeah! They are excited and I will enjoy it too. :)