Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This Is Not A Fun Day!

Den is holed up in his study doing tax prep...I hate tax prep! I hate the moans and groans and screams that I can hear. I hate the questions...does this printer scan, do we have any staples, is there black ink anywhere? Sigh!

I keep forgetting to schedule days out when it's tax prep time. I am in another room far far away with headphones on but I am still wincing for every moan and groan!


This is Hearty Dinner Day...roasted broccoli, sautéed apples, baked stuffed pork chops...when a boy is holed up in his study screaming...the least I can do is make a really yummy dinner!

Lucy, Roxie and I are staying out of the way...lying low...reading...this day is not much fun for any of us! At all...

Finished all of its YA glory!

What's up next? Not sure...either of these...or who knows? Sometimes I get stuck in a YA/Dystopian/Fantasy mode and I can't escape for at least a few books!

Plus now I have someone watching me...waiting for fun to happen!

Happy Mid Week!


  1. I'm happy my mom's a CPA. I just hand her all of our papers and stuff and she takes care of it. I'm sad that I didn't exactly inherit her money sense.

  2. You know, I was having a pretty good day until you mentioned the dreaded T word.

  3. Our taxes are all done and filed. Yours will be done soon, too. You need to have a "taxes are done" party when they are. Small bites, a dry Martini, some roasted candied pecans with hunks of the best Gorgonzola you can find...

  4. I just had my appointment at the accountant's...not good, as usual. Some back from the state, and have to pay the same amount that I get to the Feds. How unfair is that? I have never been one of those people that got big refunds. Sigh.

    Hope you manage to survive all the noises...LOL.

  5. We went through the tax thing last week. Glad it's over for another year!

  6. I hate tax time, and getting it all ready for our tax guy. Poor man, I would hate to do that job. He has been our preparer for 18 years. Reading The Moon Sisters, too. It is hard with all of the distractions!