Friday, February 28, 2014

Reading Slump? Thoughts Of Spring!

I think I might be in a teensie bit of one! it that I have way too many distractions this week! I am reading but this week people as well as kitties are really distracting me...there is lunch out and shopping and movies and catching up on TV and stupid American Idol and Survivor and Girls and Amazing Race and Harry Bosch on Amazon Prime...whew...oh and Doctor Who and Ripper Street and True I am not waking up in the middle of the night to read...oh well...

I will finish this good...Cress is really Rapunzel and everyone is working on stopping an ill fated marriage...I wonder if these books will be movies?

Spring really is around the corner! Spring makes me yearn for comfy toss on dresses...with flip flops...these from Free People are some of my faves! I have two of these...I call it my Spring/Summer Stash!

Back to Cress/Rapunzel/Cinder/Scarlett/Wolf!


  1. My whole life is that way right now - too many things going on.

  2. Ooh..I love those dresses so much!

  3. This week has been crazy for me, too, and so far, I've only read two books! But I've been to the accountant's, had my annual physical, taken a friend to her birthday lunch...oh, and worked on my newest book, which has been uploaded to the publisher's site. So I guess we have been busy anyway, haven't we?

    Love those dresses, but I am past the age when they'd look good on me...LOL.

    1. You are not...some dresses are ageless! You are ageless! Lol!