Monday, February 17, 2014

Marvy Monday!

We have had a two day period without snow...but guess what? We are supposed to get three inches tomorrow...that's Roxie Blue...who spent her first year of life in California and then Florida...doesn't it look like she is mesmerized by the amount of snow out there?

The part of the country where we now live never really gets that much snow...we have had years and years with nary a flake! But not this year!

We are having a slow relaxing day here I am not reading anything I thought I would read...

Just finished first time with this author although I just read amazing reviews of his first book with the same main character...Abbie...girl detective! I seriously hate reading books out of order but this one was fine as a stand alone. The course...a devious deviant fierce serial killer. This book was fast paced...chock full of suspense...and included a surprise ending!

Now I feel the need for something light and am reading this...I love the pasta cover! Yum! Brothers, food, love, rival restaurants...double yum!

Den came home Friday faves...until Roxie started nibbling on them and we googled tulips and cats and discovered that they are toxic to kitties. So...they are now on the mantel...way up high! Chocolates and charms rounded out Valentine's sweet!

It's kind of cold here today...but sunny and beautiful. The snow is sparkly white and the tracks all over the pond are so interesting!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. For once Carl did his shopping early which was a good thing because we were housebound for a few days. I got a charm for my gold Pandora bracelet.

  2. Nice. I love tulips. Smart idea Googling them. ;)

  3. Lovely charm! Too bad about the tulips, though, but it sounds like you saved them. Glad your snow might be ending soon....

  4. Ooh...the charms look like rubies..
    Nice! Go Den! Whoop!