Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lazy Days!

We are just hanging out watching snippets of television on this very windy day...I am taking Den out to dinner

Just finished this...and did not like it very was the story of a boy who saves his school from being blown up by another classmate but it wasn't what I wanted it to be. Well written, clever but not my style. This case of reading out of my comfort zone...failed!

Next up...this...I have a feeling that it's sad...sigh!

Another selfie...Roxie Blue and me!

Lucy under a hot sleep shirt and yoga seems to be feeling much better!

Happy Reading!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Patty And The Very Very Busy Potentially Boring Day Except For Lunch!

Well...first of all Den forced me to go with him to an appointment that had the potential to be very didn't involve books, clothes, shoes, booties or bags. It involved lots of excel spreadsheets, lots of colors and numbers and our future...sigh...and me pretending I knew what everyone was talking about. I have been moaning and groaning about this for weeks but I survived. Den was happy...the spreadsheets were pretty and we went to lunch at Legal Seafood. Yum!

I had maple glazed Wild Atlantic Salmon and sautéed spinach! Yum! And a lovely little glass of wine...yum again!

Almost done with this although I have not read one word today!

Yesterday...these books found their way to me...all mysterious mysteries!
I have heard amazing things about Mayhem and Police. These are Amazon Vine books so they are on the 30 day deadline which really works for me.

Happy Reading!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Stuff Zipping Through My Head On A Thursday...

Lucy Grace And Roxie Blue...

Lucy gets a quick check up...Roxie needs a vaccine called a three way...we are at the vet's later kitty babies. Lucy still stays downstairs in her tent. We don't trust her up and down stairs...during the day...the tent is open and she has the entire downstairs to roam...Roxie is making full use of the tent...she loves it and is forever inside of it...eating Lucy's food, drinking Lucy's water, and more! I do not enjoy having this in my sunroom but if it keeps Lucy safe...I am fine with it. Don't mind Den's legs...he is talking to our

Books...reading these...

Can't wait to read this...

I want this hoody fairy tale jacket's from Freepeople.

Making this for dinner...thank you Barefeet In The Kitchen...I love your recipes...these are seasoned chicken breading...just yummy spices. We are having roasted baby sweet potatoes and her sautéed brussel sprouts, too...if I spelled brussel sprouts wrong I am so self corrects about a million different ways.

Off to vacuum!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Am Obsessed With Selfies And Soup!

These are Roxie selfies! Lol!

Contemplative? Questioning? Irritated?

Pensive? Lol...

I need more selfies of me! I will work on this today...once I actually brush my!
Finished this...sooooooo good...strongly disliked the murdered girl...but this book was unputdownable.

Reading this...another disappearance of a young girl terrible in real life but so interesting in a novel.

Also reading this...this one is sort of a fantasy...with escape dreams...a dog and a dead brother named Valentine. Yum!

The soup I made yesterday was unfreakingbelievably was pretty much a tomato based pasta and bean soup. I always make the pasta separately then add it to the soup when we eat it...a bowl at a time. I made teeny little shells for this soup and then added a tiny bit of butter and imported Parmesan cheese to yummy!
The quick bread was amazing, too. It was studded with sundried tomato bits and cheddar cheese and sautéed sweet onions...yum! Just email me if you want recipes or links! Den was crazed over the soup and has a big bowl of it in his lunch today.
Dinner today is undecided so far...not sure what I am in the mood for yet...but I just saw a recipe for Cheeseburger Soup on AllRecipes! But I will probably use ground organic turkey...
Off to check it out...
Happy Reading!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Postcards In The Mail!

I have...sitting on my desk right less than 5 postcards from organizations who need my gently used clothing. All I have to do is walk to any closet and start emptying, cleansing, and donating. And these organizations will come to our door and pick up everything and leave a receipt! So why am I not in my closets...sorting, minimizing, and cleansing?

It's so simple...I am not in the mood...I am reading this...which, of course is a murdered abducted girl mystery so I am reading it obsessively because I need to know what happened to Dani Lancing and her poor obsessed mother and her father who thinks he sees her and her high school friend Tom who is now a detective.


I am giving myself 30 minutes more with this book. Then I am doing one section of a closet. Then I am making soup and bread for dinner. Then I will read some more and hopefully finish!
Tonight's soup is this one...from Faith From The's sort of an Italian bean and pasta soup.

I am making this savory quick bread from AllRecipes!

Happy Reading!

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Rollicking Frolicking Month!

Fall is always a festival of events for us...ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime! It's the month of car inspections and license renewals. It's the month that our little family has three birthdays...including little Roxie! It's pumpkin month! It's last call for outside clean up and plantings. Our neighbor just got a huge delivery of wood. Yikes!

We start to save up Boardwalk Empires to watch on cold lazy Saturdays when we don't have to mow any more. I should be cleaning out closets and I will be soon.

And of course it's a time for soupy stewy foods! And hearty breads! And apples and cheese! And cauliflower..thought I would just toss that one Although our farm stands are loaded with local and white and a sort of neon green one.

So...before I attack one closet...I am going to continue to read this...this wasn't what I planned to read, of course, but it is so good...a family falls apart after the disappearance and death of their 21 year old daughter. She visits Jim, her father, as a ghostly apparition. In it's early stages it reminds me just a bit of The Lovely Bones. It's written beautifully and is really good.

Off to clean out one closet!

Happy Reading!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


It's what we do on Sunday...I read the NYT...we watch stuff on TV...we had Tallulah's Table cinnamon rolls for breakfast that are so big I gave Den my know the soft cinnamon loaded part with all of the cream cheese icing! He couldn't believe it! Lol...

I finished this and it was so good I can't stand it! British...complicated...unputdownable!

Contemplating what to read next...I might just head right into another Frances Fyfield...Helen West is my new Nancy Drew. I have another one of these from the publisher...thank you, Daniella and Witness Impulse!

The rest of the day is good times until Amazing Race! Except tonight Den is watching the Broncos!

My birthday pumpkin boy...

Roxie getting a lecture about sitting on the table...

That's it!

Happy reading!