Saturday, December 21, 2013


Love Saturdays!

I am getting nails done at a new nail salon...appropriately called...Polished. My salon stopped doing nails full time, my second nail place was really far away and only had three colors of polish because I was the only person there getting shellac nails. This one is my last's not a life crisis but I love getting my nails's so relaxing!

Den is dropping me off and heading in the opposite direction for his hair appointment.
Then we are meeting back in town for lunch...I think!

This is a great little place in our little town! Notice that everyone is excited about the mushroom drop on New Years Eve! Lol! We love the sign...Half Moon!

Then wrap, clean, make cookies and watch college football! Sushi will be dinner!

But since we always change our minds...we have dinner reservations, too. If we go to lunch we won't go to dinner and sometimes it's infinitely more fun to be in jammies with the girls watching a movie...munching a cookie or two! These were on Pinterest and are from a blog called Priscilla. My cookies will not be as pretty...sigh! Priscilla's cookies rock!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Have a fun day! I plan to do some baking with the kids tonight, too. Mine, too, will not be as pretty as Priscilla's! Lol!

    1. Oh...have fun, Rachel, messy cookies taste the best!

  2. You have such a sweet life, you little sweety-pie you! :-)

  3. Replies
    1. You, too...hopefully your loved one is home!

  4. I hope your nail appointment was a success!