Sunday, December 15, 2013

Missed Santa Again...

Every year Santa surprises us by driving down our street in a huge firetruck. Every year we are seconds too late to get a photo. Every year we think it's a fire. Every single year since we have lived here...we go through sad! We hear the firetruck and we look at each other and we that Santa? We grab cameras and race to the front door and never get there in time. This year we were closer than we have ever been but we couldn't get the front door open! So sad...

Still reading this...and it is still so good!

Still unpacking bins and Santas...endlessly!

I just found this guy at the bottom of a bin...he hasn't been out in years!

Hello Forgotten Santa!

Happy Sunday! Happy Reading! Happy Almost Christmas!


  1. How wonderful that Santa makes surprise visits to your street! I love that idea!

    I have to still unpack my Christmas village. Time is ticking and I just don't know if I will get to it! I have a list a mile long to do first! Fingers crossed. :)


  2. You have sooo many Santas! How did you get that picture of Santa with the fire truck?

    1. I googled it but it's our local fire department!

  3. As long as Santa comes on Christmas Eve, it's okay. I have lots of decorations that haven't been out in a while. I need to dig them out!

  4. Wow, surprise visits from Santa...and how cute that you found the lost one in your bins.

    Enjoy your day! I finally finished watching all thirteen episodes of Season 1, of Orange is the New Black.

  5. This was a cute post! What fun! Maybe next time!