Friday, December 6, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Den is home...he has been in Minnesota all week where it is freezing cold and snowy. Yesterday morning the power was out at his hotel for hours! The staff brought in Starbucks for everyone and Den shaved and showered by iPhone light...his shower was mildly warm...Den is not a fan of cold/mildly warm anything!

He actually didn't get in until after 10:30 last night. The girls and I were snuggled in our beds watching Elementary. Often I have a snack ready for him when he comes in late at night...but yesterday he insisted...insisted...that he wanted to just come in and get to bed...he would grab something at the airport. So...for the first time ever I listened to him...prepped nothing...had nothing...and he came in starving! He made himself a peanut butter sandwich and a vodka...explained to Roxie that she he wasn't playing...told Lucy she had to go back to the study...and literally collapsed!

Sad playing at 11 at night...

Sad Lucy...back to the study until morning...

But he is finished with travel until late January! Yeah! We plan on saving movies, museums and "mayhems" then when everyone is back to school and theaters are empty!

Reading this and it's English and yummy...these detectives solve "peculiar" crimes...really! It's funny and clever and oh so good! I will be done by noon...that's my self imposed

I should be...hmmm...doing other things...but I really just want to read!

Happy Friday!


  1. Love your welcoming front door!

    I love English mysteries, with detectives who speak with their brusque tones and accent...I can almost hear them! But that doesn't make me want to do "audio." LOL

  2. I'm glad Dennis is home safe and sound!

  3. Your girls are just too cute. I love how Lucy puts herself to bed. Smart girl, she!!

  4. The Invisible Code looks good!

    So glad Den is home and doesn't have to travel for a while. Half of my family lives in Minnesota- so I know firsthand how chilly and snowy it can get. Enjoy having him back home with you and the girls. :)

  5. A PB&J and vodka. A perfect snack.