Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Favorite Holiday Things...

I am sharing some of my favorite places to shop during the holidays...wonderfully magical stores and sites!

Lovely wrap bracelets from Chan Luu!

Sweaters, boots, bags, stuff...from Sundance! Every year Den asks for this red truck!

Yummy clothes...Nordstrom's has them, too!

Anthropologie! Ornaments and tons more!

Free these booties!

I hate malls and shopping...but this is the time of year I love to wander around shops...and just soak up Christmassy stuff! Yum!

I think I need to make a teensie batch of cookies...these are Bacon Fat Gingerbread from!

Finished this...oh's a creepy scary Jack The Rippery mystery! Actually someone ( or something ) is killing and dismembering "girls of the night" at the same time that Jack is doing his nasty stuff...again...creepy good!

Reading this...another murder mystery...really good, too!

I am almost caught up...these are left...I hope to be caught up by Friday...

Happy Holiday Wandering!


  1. I've been getting a Sundance catalog 2 or 3 times a week and I love looking through them but I hate ordering online.

  2. Ooh, lots of fun looking stuff! I love Christmas shopping so much. :) I already have most of my gifts bought. (And a bunch wrapped.) :)

  3. Seriously, I'm so bad. I want to shop for me.

  4. Enjoy the season! That last book was excellent!

  5. Enjoy the season! That last book was excellent!

  6. I think that walking around a mall during Christmas sounds kind of nice...if it's not crowded or