Friday, November 22, 2013

Selfies! Books! Mushrooms!

Kitty selfies...they both look so tortured!

Hair selfies...after the Amazing Kevin Castaldi works his magic on my roots!

Must read mysterious thriller chillers this week. It's a Thanksgiving tradition! Thank you Edelweiss!

Just got this one's not a thriller chiller but I love this author! Reading it soon!

My little adopted town is known as the Mushroom Capitol Of The World and on New Year's Eve for the first time ever the town is dropping a huge light filled Mushroom!

Is this too funny for words?

Happy Reading!


  1. Let me know how Alice sounds intriguing. You and your girls are sweet.

  2. Love mushrooms! And I'm getting that Joanna Trollope book from Vine...maybe today, in fact. I'd better check the mailbox!

    Your hair looks awesome....

  3. Awesome hair color!!

    Mushroom capital? NO WAY! I loooove sauteed mushrooms.

    1. Yep....mushroom caps everywhere! We even have a mushroom museum!

  4. You must post pictures of the mushroom drop!!

  5. I LOVE that tortured pic of the girls! Ahh...ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  6. Your kitties are adorable. :)
    Alice Close Your Eyes looks like something I need to go check out!