Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mid Week Break...Sort Of!

Yesterday was a much too busy day...landscapers were here all morning...the afternoon was full of was a 4 store afternoon...Target for Method cleaners, Petsmart for kitty foods, Fresh Market for groceries...and finally Pier 1 for room fragrances...exhausting starts and stops amidst tons of traffic because everyone was out and about for Election Day. Sigh!

Today the girls and I took the day off! Lol! We are reading and watching TV. We will make Den a yummy dinner of Stuffed Pork Chops...I have never made these in my life so I am totally counting on my recipe from allrecipes.

Finished good...I can't believe I have never read books by this author before. The bonus is I have another one...another book by her! I didn't even know I had it.

Now reading this...just getting into it...


Back to my day off...Survivor, Top Chef...all kinds of yummy tv we
have pie of the pumpkin kind...and cream...the whipped kind!

Happy Reading!


  1. Yes! I am glad you loved the Kristina Riggle book...and that you discovered another gem from her. There is still another: Keepsake. It's about hoarding, and it was my first one from this author, and one that made her a favorite of mine.

    I also love Allison Winn Scotch and want The Theory of Opposites...

    And I want that delicious, yummy looking pork chop dish!

  2. I read "Keepsake", and am getting ready to read Kristina Riggle's new book.
    I hope your Girls are well, and you & Den, too.

    1. Girls are good...Lucy stronger...I loved the Kristina Riggle book...checking out Keepsake!

  3. The Whole Golden World has such a pretty cover! I love midweek breaks! I need one, too. :)