Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Stuff Zipping Through My Head On A Thursday...

Lucy Grace And Roxie Blue...

Lucy gets a quick check up...Roxie needs a vaccine called a three way...we are at the vet's later kitty babies. Lucy still stays downstairs in her tent. We don't trust her up and down stairs...during the day...the tent is open and she has the entire downstairs to roam...Roxie is making full use of the tent...she loves it and is forever inside of it...eating Lucy's food, drinking Lucy's water, and more! I do not enjoy having this in my sunroom but if it keeps Lucy safe...I am fine with it. Don't mind Den's legs...he is talking to our

Books...reading these...

Can't wait to read this...

I want this hoody fairy tale jacket's from Freepeople.

Making this for dinner...thank you Barefeet In The Kitchen...I love your recipes...these are seasoned chicken breading...just yummy spices. We are having roasted baby sweet potatoes and her sautéed brussel sprouts, too...if I spelled brussel sprouts wrong I am so self corrects about a million different ways.

Off to vacuum!

Happy Reading!


  1. I wouldn't worry about that tent either. Just keep Lucy safe!

    1. I has kept her safe and baby...

  2. I hope the vet went well. The tent is a great idea; I'm glad it is working!

  3. Love that hoodie jacket....and that dinner! Enjoy your books...what did you get from Vine?