Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Am Obsessed With Selfies And Soup!

These are Roxie selfies! Lol!

Contemplative? Questioning? Irritated?

Pensive? Lol...

I need more selfies of me! I will work on this today...once I actually brush my!
Finished this...sooooooo good...strongly disliked the murdered girl...but this book was unputdownable.

Reading this...another disappearance of a young girl terrible in real life but so interesting in a novel.

Also reading this...this one is sort of a fantasy...with escape dreams...a dog and a dead brother named Valentine. Yum!

The soup I made yesterday was unfreakingbelievably was pretty much a tomato based pasta and bean soup. I always make the pasta separately then add it to the soup when we eat it...a bowl at a time. I made teeny little shells for this soup and then added a tiny bit of butter and imported Parmesan cheese to yummy!
The quick bread was amazing, too. It was studded with sundried tomato bits and cheddar cheese and sautéed sweet onions...yum! Just email me if you want recipes or links! Den was crazed over the soup and has a big bowl of it in his lunch today.
Dinner today is undecided so far...not sure what I am in the mood for yet...but I just saw a recipe for Cheeseburger Soup on AllRecipes! But I will probably use ground organic turkey...
Off to check it out...
Happy Reading!


  1. Sundried tomatoes and cheese are two of my favorite things. We want to see some selfies of you for sure!!

  2. I had some in this post but they were sideways! I have no clue why! So I sadly deleted me!

  3. Oh, you're making me hungry! I love a good soup, but my husband has zero interest. :-P

  4. Funny. She looks annoyed to me in that first one. ;)

  5. You are missing out by cooking the pasta separately! If you cook the pasta in the soup, the pasta takes on all the flavor of the broth. I am wanting a really good Lobster Bisque or Corn Chowder.

  6. I am trying to catch up on reviews.I hate getting behind. *sigh*

  7. I need to make some soup soon. It is chilly and the perfect weather, but we have been finishing up a major house project (installing a new heating system and central air). It has been going on for about 1 month and after tonight I should have heat. Also- I will probably want to make something because my house will be clean and perfectly they way it belongs soon (mess=me not wanting to do dishes or anything like that).

    I agree with you about the books being fascinating- but in real life it is scary. :)

  8. I went out to Marie's for soup lazy way. But I'd rather have your soup....thanks for sharing.