Sunday, October 20, 2013


It's what we do on Sunday...I read the NYT...we watch stuff on TV...we had Tallulah's Table cinnamon rolls for breakfast that are so big I gave Den my know the soft cinnamon loaded part with all of the cream cheese icing! He couldn't believe it! Lol...

I finished this and it was so good I can't stand it! British...complicated...unputdownable!

Contemplating what to read next...I might just head right into another Frances Fyfield...Helen West is my new Nancy Drew. I have another one of these from the publisher...thank you, Daniella and Witness Impulse!

The rest of the day is good times until Amazing Race! Except tonight Den is watching the Broncos!

My birthday pumpkin boy...

Roxie getting a lecture about sitting on the table...

That's it!

Happy reading!


  1. Yesterday was a crazy day in college football! It looks like Roxie is giving the lecture, not getting it.

  2. I just got After Her in the mail! I am so far behind on book reviews. I hope to catch up in the next couple of weeks! Hope you had a great birthday! I also have Lucy in my prayers, and all of you.

  3. Roxie looks unimpressed! Lol...She doesn't look like she'll be "busting a move" off of that table anytime soon!

  4. I like your pumpkin on the table. Did you carve it yourself?

  5. You gave Den the ooey, gooey middle? That is true love.

  6. Sunday is such a wonderful day! I didn't get to relax this Sunday- but I am hoping for some down time next Sunday. :)

    Love the pumpkin.