Friday, October 11, 2013


Trying to finish this...

Two things happen to me when I am stressed...I can't eat and I can't read. Hopefully Lucy will be home later today and we can try to be us again...Den and Roxie and I were not happy campers yesterday...Roxie was glued to us and we were just down...

We try to think about other things but that gloomy cloud just hovers. Lucy is my last link to my mom and dad...I know that's silly but it's just in my head that way...

Off to read and try to put myself in a happier place...we won't know about her night until later today.

Happy Reading!


  1. Thinking of Lucy as a link to your parents isn't silly! I'm sending happy thoughts your way.

  2. When illness strikes a home, it does color everything---dark. I too, am looking forward to your family reestablishing equilibrium again. Hang in there guys. God is good. No matter what happens. Believe that!

  3. I am just catching up from the week. I hope Lucy is okay! Sending good thoughts your way. :)

  4. I am here for you, my friend. I understand. Hugs.

  5. No, you are not silly...we often link loved ones in our thoughts....and here's hoping that Lucy will be home, fit and happy, and soon!