Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Birthday Cake! Yum!

I know...it's silly but I made Roxie a from scratch yellow cake yesterday for her birthday! Actually I made it for Den and disguised it as Roxie's Birthday Cake. It was so moist and yummy...with butter cream icing!

See! Well...you can sort of see. In Roxie's attempt to help me frost it...she was slightly crazed by the butter cream...we had icing everywhere.

Back to the cake...I saw it on a number of sites but I believe it originally came from a blog called CinnamonSpice&EverythingNice. It's called a one bowl cake because everything was plopped into just one bowl...it was yummy! Moist and creamy! A light crumb and smooth vanilla flavor...it tasted like really good cake.

Finished this...

So good and so disturbing...a mother who lacks a true mother's heart but is determined to show the world the astonishing and selfless things she does for her children. The ending was so well thought out and so surprising.

Reading this next...YA deliciousness!

Happy reading!


  1. Awwwww

    Confession, in the past we would get our pets a can of wet food and put a candle in it for their birthdays.

  2. Any excuse for cake is good by me!

  3. Nooo...I think the cake is a fine idea. Happy birthday, Roxie!

  4. Soon I will be reading Mother, Mother....thanks! And I want some cake! lol