Monday, October 21, 2013

A Rollicking Frolicking Month!

Fall is always a festival of events for us...ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime! It's the month of car inspections and license renewals. It's the month that our little family has three birthdays...including little Roxie! It's pumpkin month! It's last call for outside clean up and plantings. Our neighbor just got a huge delivery of wood. Yikes!

We start to save up Boardwalk Empires to watch on cold lazy Saturdays when we don't have to mow any more. I should be cleaning out closets and I will be soon.

And of course it's a time for soupy stewy foods! And hearty breads! And apples and cheese! And cauliflower..thought I would just toss that one Although our farm stands are loaded with local and white and a sort of neon green one.

So...before I attack one closet...I am going to continue to read this...this wasn't what I planned to read, of course, but it is so good...a family falls apart after the disappearance and death of their 21 year old daughter. She visits Jim, her father, as a ghostly apparition. In it's early stages it reminds me just a bit of The Lovely Bones. It's written beautifully and is really good.

Off to clean out one closet!

Happy Reading!


  1. I don't even want to think about cleaning closets but would like to think about soupy, stewy foods!

  2. Patty, indeed you have a busy October month with all the birthdays (including yours)...guessing you had an amazing BD celebration this weekend, and sweet little Roxie's BD as well. The book sounds so sad, but I love stories like that...I keep watching stories similar to that on RED BOX flix, and now that I subscribed to NETFLIX on my new Windows 8...can't get enough movies to watch!

  3. That book looks very good! I am not getting very good ones lately, kind of a dry spell.

  4. Happy Closet Cleaning. :)

    Did you finish the book? Let us know. :)

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  5. Fall is always a time of new beginnings for me, too; probably because of my birthday this month as well. And it's a time for hunkering down for the long cold winter.

    I probably should do some reorganizing as well. My bookshelves could use a real makeover...each bookcase has its books alphabetized, but I would like to figure out a system where I could find any given book I own without having to search through every shelf! Ugh.

    I think this is a huge task...and I might just be too lazy right now.

  6. I love fall! I also am fascinated by Boardwalk Empire! I like the idea of saving them to watch on a chilly day. :)

    The book looks fabulous! Glad you are enjoying it so much.