Thursday, September 19, 2013

These Days Are So Lovely!

Fall on the East Coast is so lovely. The air is crisp...I am starting to see pumpkins and cornstalks and apples everywhere. Fall banners and flags are popping up, too. I bought this one from Amazon.

Windows are open and our house just smells fresh and clean...we eat apples daily that often have just been picked and placed in bins a few yards from the trees. I love every second of it.

I went back to the farm today for butternut squashes and white sweet potatoes...the white sweet potatoes are incredible. They have a uniquely different taste that is really addictive.

Reading this...

But I miss this...have you ever missed the world of a book you were reading...I think I read the last few pages of this at a hectic pace and now I miss it...sigh!

It's 8:51 in the morning...the table is set, the house is tidied, veggies are prepped for a country vegetable soup to be made when I get home...and I am free!

Happy Reading!


  1. I know that feeling. I can totally think of books I missed after finishing them. :)

  2. Fall is definitely in the air. I feel like summer passed us by.

  3. I'll miss the heat of summer, but I do love butternut squash and pumpkin and apples.

  4. I'm envious. We're still waiting for the cooler temps here in Kentucky.

  5. I love fall, too, but on the East Coast, it is magical. My only time visiting there was Boston in October. Could there be anything better?

    I almost decided to move there, on the; but then I recalled what I'd heard about the winters....sigh.