Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Simply Amazing Stuff!

This pasta...I have been seeing it around and apparently it originated from Martha Stewart. It's a Rigatoni Cake!

This pumpkin...I want to make this! This blog is one of my favorites!

My girls! They were very close yesterday. It's the chilly mornings! Roxie starts out here and rolls herself to Lucy...hoping that Lucy won't notice!

Lucy always notices.

This is the end result of 15 minutes of rolling and maneuvering. It lasted for 10 minutes until they both huffed off! Sigh!

This book! It is simply amazing! I will finish it today but it's been so good! I am sad to see it end!

Happy Reading!


  1. That rigatoni cake looks so good! Poor Roxie - she just wants her big sister to love her.

  2. That rigatoni cake looks amazing! Now I'm hungry. . . ;)

  3. You know how I feel about melted cheese, but that Rigatoni looks good. I love Roxie's strategy. "You go girl!" Lol...

  4. Yummy stuff! Thanks for sharing...cute girls, too.

  5. Reminds me of the Sicilian Baked Ziti al Forno which is made for special occasions and mostly on holidays in a cake pan...preferably a removable sides type...now I want to make this! Yumm

    Your girls love to roll around in a bed with blankets and sheets messed up (so cute and relaxed)...my little Mush won't even come up on my bed unless she has a 'neat' spot there for her...all straightened up...go figure!