Monday, August 12, 2013

Undeniably Miserable...

I am pretty much resigning myself to having a miserable week. I can't even talk myself out of it. I am the one who has to be here for all of the bad stuff...bathroom renovation...I literally watched pieces of our bathroom carried down my hardwood steps and out the front door...wincing as the door slammed every single time...dirt and tiny pebbles being ground into my hardwood with very tread. The roof...the deck...every air conditioner and furnace check up and repair...adding digital cable to every room and having people crawl through the attic...dryer and dishwasher and washer repair...the time the house was barely a day old and the jetted tub in our bathroom leaked into all of the family room. The time the painter was " not sober" and literally fell off of the roof! The replacement of the pillars in the front porch area...the kitchen...OMG...the two weeks with no kitchen! The hot water heater replacements...the furnace recall...when the house was not even two years old and the furnace was just does not seem to stop! Ever!

I am not remotely in the mood for this house painting...I know someone will need to use the bathroom...and will track in dirt from outside...leave the seat up and open which we never do because I don't want Roxie or Lucy to drown...I am in a really foul mood!

I am so sorry to vent...usually I am kind...caring...considerate...but I am not in the mood for this and someone I live with failed to communicate effectively to me that this was going to happen...this week.

I am so mad...really mad...really angry...really irritated. Sigh!

Reading this...kind of Dystopian Secret Societyish...and really good but not good enough to change my mood...not one bit.

This has not been a fun all. Even my precious girls are hovering and sensing my not nice mood. Cats are like that...they tune in to moods.

I remain miserable.

Buona Lettura!


  1. Sorry you're miserable but you don't have to stay home while they paint the outside of your house. They'll figure something out if they need to use the bathroom.

    1. You are so right...and that s my new plan!

  2. Hugs, my friend. It will be over soon.

  3. I hate when workers have to troop through my place, too; they always manage to mess things up!

    If they don't have to go in the house (and why should they for outside painting?), you can go off and play somewhere...with the girls.

  4. Patty, I just read through your entire week of your post...didn't even know you were away for 6 days. Such a stressful situation with all the work you had to have in your house over the few years. I know the feeling about the dirt, dust, and the big mess...Lora had so much work and renovation at her house in the last few years and I was left in charge of the house while they just escaped for their vacation. As for pets; kitties are more sensitive to mess and strangers in the house, but for that matter, so are little doggies.

    I feel your sadness throughout this entire ordeal, and on top of that Den's dad in the assisted living, and moving to another facility. Things will ease up for you, and everything will be OK. It's good to 'vent' and talk about things...I do the same! xo

  5. You are always so good about house renovations- so you deserve to have an angry time. Plus- it is hard to adjust when you aren't expecting a house project at a particular time. I hope the painting goes well and that it is fast and pain free! You have had a lot going on lately and need to be able to relax.


  6. Boy. You seem to do A LOT of house renovations/repairs etc. So much for the American dream, huh? *SMH* Hang in there, girl. At the rate you're going, they'll probably be more to come. Make the bible one of the books you read: "The Lord will keep in perfect peace, those whose mind is stayed on thee." Love, ya!

  7. We are about to embark on getting the trim painted. We have stucco so all we need is the trim done but yesterday, someone spilled something on a windowsill inside the house and the paint started to bubble up in my girl powder room! That means I have to sand and paint the entire window and you know it won't match what's there already.