Saturday, August 17, 2013

There Is No End In Sight But At Least...

Den is home...and he can monitor the painters...they are painting today and tomorrow and hopefully finishing on Monday. And now...because they were unsupervised yesterday...there is white paint all over the deck...they already told us they are restraining the deck...I seriously no longer care!

Really! Truly! Maybe!

Happy thoughts!

We have Monarch butterflies everywhere! We can sit in the family room and see them actually on the deck! I love butterflies!

More happy thoughts...

Lucy guarding Northbrook Farms donuts!

Even happier thoughts...

this yummy book...

Up next...this yummy book!

I am in the mood for mayhem!

Happy Reading!


  1. Donuts and butterflies? Two of my favorite things. :)

  2. Seriously? They got paint all over your deck? No wonder you're frustrated.

  3. Why is it that people like those painters don't think to take steps to PREVENT THE PAINT on the deck?

    Hope you are soon free of them?

  4. I am glad Den is there to handle things. Relax. It is almost over now!

  5. Painters are usually very sloppy and I find that after lunch, they are even sloppier. Most painters seem to drink. It's true and by the afternoon, they are crocked. I remember our old house and our brand new kitchen and how they ruined the cabinets by getting paint on them.