Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just A Bit Frazzled!

I was stupid to try to think that that outside painting would not affect my life. I am letting strangers into my bathroom, my deck is totally a mess, my deck flowers are dying because I can't get to them, wreaths and benches are scattered all over, the pine tree disaster still looms over us and I am stressed! I have to have the access door locked because Roxie slipped out yesterday and it was my fault! So every time anyone needs something I have to stop what I am doing and race to the door. I will be in lockdown forever. I can't even see an end to this.

Is she saying sorry?

I warn everyone...Dennis, Diane my cat sitter, everyone...and yet I am responsible for a near disaster with Roxie! I opened the deck door an inch and she walked out...I didn't even know she was out until the painter said "your cat just ran out"...

Then I had to scream her name, scare her, and lightly smack her itty bitty nose and say bad bad girl! It broke my heart and Roxie stayed under a chair in the study for an hour! I finally had to lure her out with a toy and an apology. I probably scarred her for life! She will never let me forget this...I will be buying her new toys daily to make up for this! Even Lucy was kissing her!

YouTube Video

Oh my!

Still reading this...reminds me of a more grown up Harry the names of characters...Horton "Tiger" Prawns, Youthful Perkins, Amazing Dennis "Full" Price and his brother Half-Price, and so many my fave character The Quarkbeast!

Buona Lettura! I have relearned this fact about me...I need order to function well!


  1. Sorry things have been so stressful. I can only imagine how worried you were when Roxie got out! Yikes! Glad she got back in safe and sound.

    The Song of the Quarkbeast sounds like my type of book (grown up HP- yes, please).

    Hope all the work gets done asap and life can go back to normal!

  2. Aw, even Lucy was kissing her! It sounds like they've become buddies.

  3. Oh, that is my worst nightmare, cats getting outside. I am glad you got her. Hang in there. This is temporary. Then it will be fine. Relax; stress isn't good for you.

  4. Oh, your travails remind me of when my house in the foothills was undergoing work...and also when it was on the market. I finally had to prohibit the realtors from coming in when I wasn't home because of the cat.

    Others seem oblivious to our needs...and they definitely are not careful with our precious "people" or things.

    I hope it all goes away soon. Now I'm going to watch your video!

  5. Poor Patty! But this might be the trigger that make the girls great pals!

  6. This happened with our pup but we were not in the room when it happened. The door blew open and she ran out but all the girl saw was the open door and then she started to scream, because she knew what that meant!

    We called and called for her. We live in a cul de sac but at the beginning of a hill so people hall butt to get to the top and we knew, that if she ran into the street she'd be a goner. After 5 minutes of frantic calling, she came barreling toward us. She was in the neighbors yard... just one door over. Scared us all and we did the same thing as you :( Don't feel bad.