Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's Waffle Time! It's Complaining Time, Too!

Den has gone off to church...the good boy that he is...I am home with my girls...drinking coffee in bed and just a few minutes I am going to go prep for waffles.

We have been off for two weeks...well...I am always off but Den has been off for two weeks...and we have been off of our schedules...we have been across the country...happy to see family...worried about Den's dad and leaving the kitties...and now I get to stay home all next week while our house gets we have dentist appointments on spite of my optimism it's pretty much a bad week for me. The air conditioner and furnace check ups are due and Comcast has to come out because something is wrong with our main DVR box...hmmm...just gets worse, doesn't it?

Plus while we were away...

These two have secrets...and they are not sharing them...I continue to find things that have been moved...pillows upended all over...and some missing things...I had a little wooden a little wooden holder...the holder was in a room that it was never in before...and the pink heart is missing! Lucy! Roxie! Confess! They refuse to look me while I am questioning/ interrogating them.

I hate appointments...I really truly do! There will be power washing and strangers in our downstairs bathroom and noise...I won't be able to sit on the deck because it's the back of the house that gets most of the painting...sigh! I am not happy! Plus we still have not picked the right white yet...who knew there were so many whites?
And none of them feel like just the right white...

Reading is every bit as freaky scary chilling as it looks! But I can't stop reading

Buona Lettura! Off to enjoy my only peaceful day this week!


  1. Enjoy your day today,sounds like it will be a crazy week. The pics of the kitties crack me up. My dog likes to play innocent too.


  2. I think your girls had a party while you were gone! lol I hope all goes well this week.

  3. I hope it is a good, productive week! Pace yourself!

  4. I hate appts too! I had a dental appt last week and I was all stressed out about it and it made no sense! I did a happy dance when it was over---no cavities!! Yay! I also had a painting project---and it was a mess---more stress---and it involved white! Night Harvest looks creepy for sure and looks like it involves NY. What's it about, really?

    1. It was awfully scary...I finished it fast and am now trying to forget about creepy "doctor" doing creepy things in a hospital in NYC...

  5. Those girls are not going to tell! But their behavior is definitely "telling," isn't it?

    I hate appts., too. Weeks where people come and do things are always a disruption. We don't like disruptions, do we?

    It will be over soon....right?

  6. I hope your busy week doesn't stress you out too much Patty, find some time to relax with a great book!

  7. I would love to hear your cat interrogations. :)

    Hope things get back to normal soon!