Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy July 4th!

I realize I need to start getting Roxie Blue in these outfits and I will!

We are...well...Den is...mowing! Our "hood" is a quiet one but you can hear lawn tractors all around us...everyone is hopping on their John Deers' trying to get their lawns cut before it rains again! And that could be any minute!

Finished good...I think this was an amazing book...I do believe I liked it more than "Gone Girl"...

Up next? Hmmm...probably one of these...

Buona Lettura!


  1. Happy 4th! Glad you got the grass mowed. We haven't got ours done yet. Looks like the storm is moving in again and the fireworks are going to get rained on!

  2. Sun, what is that? We're having more rain. We got 4 inches yesterday and over 2 so far today. I'm over it. I've got to get hold of The Silent Wife!

  3. Wow, you liked The Silent Wife more than Gone Girl? I must check this one out. I have been noticing it around.

    The title reminds me of a restaurant in San Luis Obisopo, back in the day; it was called The Silent Woman (and she was pictured headless).

    Creepy, huh?

  4. So cute!
    The Silent Wife sounds great!

  5. A Place at the Table sure does look inviting.

    Hope you had a great 4th.

  6. Hope you had a happy 4th. :)

    Cute picture of Lucy!

    I think I will have to read The Silent Wife!