Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Love A Good Staycation!

We are at the tip of another staycation...I fully admit to not yet being ready to leave Lucy Grace and Roxie Blue...thus our staycations! We just noticed that they each sleep with a special toy. So sweet...I thought it would be easy to leave for trips because they have each other and the cat sitter...right now I can't imagine leaving them for any reason!

Changed my mind about what I am reading...and I am reading this...really good...kind of different...mildly disturbing.

We have a lull in the rain...the amount of rain we are getting is amazing. It's dark or almost dark all of the time! I miss the sun! My hydrangeas are smooshed down from so many downpours! And one strangely odd tall one is spiking out from the center!

Making pesto stuffed chicken for dinner...from Kalyn's Kitchen...love her recipes...this is her photo. The chicken is stuffed with pesto, sour cream and mozzarella cheese.

Off to read!

Buona Lettura!


  1. Silent Wife was soooo good.

  2. It's raining like crazy here too. 2 inches yesterday and already over an inch today. That chicken looks and sounds amazing!

  3. This is such a cozy post! Thanks!

  4. I do love pesto! And anything with sour cream. That salad looks good, too.

    I think the "girls" just want you to stay home so they can enjoy your presence....so they may always want you to think you should stay.

  5. That chicken sounds delicious!