Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wildly Wicked Weather!

It seems as though this is a week for scattered thunderstorms, periods of sunshine and amazing humidity. Ick!

Last night Den and I both had weird pressure headaches as the storms rolled in...flashes of lightning around us, trees down and I heard that a transformer exploded. At times the rain sounded like hail...all we could do was read or watch The Bachelorette implode...so much fun...but then I watched The Dome...seriously good!

Finishing this up...a YA that takes place in Japan...and is about inky drawings coming alive? Seriously good...

Read a few pages of this...but I need to finish Ink first...I just can't do more than one book at a time...but this one will be good...I know it!

I am never uncertain about what to make for dinner but today...I have no clue...sigh!

This? Potato, zucchini, gratin something or other from The Kitchn?

These little frittatas from The Kitchn! With a salad?

This pasta from Food 52?

So many choices...too many choices! But so much fun!

Buona Lettura!


  1. Your weather sounds like summer in the South! I've been getting up early to walk but I still can't get away from the humidity.

    I vote for the pasta for dinner - what time should I get there?

  2. It alll looks good.

    I tried The Dome last night. It's not bad. That one kid is whacked! I hope someone takes him out soon.

  3. We have been having weird weather here too. I have had a headache on and off for the past couple of hours. :(

    All of your dinner options sound good! The frittatas and the potato thing look the yummiest to me.

  4. We have had a week of hot, humid, storms, too. It is hard to get anything accomplished!

  5. Okay, more yummy food! And I hope your weather calms down....

  6. Such simple, earthy things make you happy...so sweet...