Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Still Wildly Wicked Weather...

Yesterday was so steamy hot that it was amazing...I shopped for groceries...replaced a plant that died in an outside pot and then I was literally exhausted!

There was no deck deck deck ice tea sipping! Today there is a heat advisory in effect and storms are rolling in yet again!

Roxie Blue is sitting by the deck door...forlorn and sad...she misses the ducks...if I set up the tent it will be for a matter of minutes...oh me...oh my...not sure what I will do...if we go out it won't be for long...

Reading's the kind of book I love...a little time travel...a little mystery. The niece of Sherlock Holmes and the sister of Bram Stoker become involved in finding missing "society girls". Yum! This book is good!
It's the perfect book for a steamy time on the deck...whew!

The only good thing about this steamy stormy weather is that I don't have to water anything!

Off to steam and read!

Buona Lettera!


  1. The heat brings in the storms. Your weather sounds like summer in the south. I've been getting up early to get my walk in and it was so muggy this morning, I was dragging tail by the time I was done.

  2. I feel ya. When it's that hot I don't like to be outside without some sort of water to submerge in.

  3. Sounds like a book to put on my wishlist. Last night was very stormy here and I think we're expecting more tonight.

  4. Yes, I was out in our heat earlier (this morning) and now I've been indoors, watching TV and taking a nap. lol

    Now I'm off to continue reading The Glass Wives. Interesting.

  5. We're not having such a tremendous heat wave here in S. Florida...or its because we're so used to it...can't tell the difference any more!