Sunday, June 23, 2013

Long Day!

We are exhausted...seriously...Mike The Tile Guy came early this morning and put in our "stones from England"'s not quite done has to dry and be sealed...and I do still have tons of kitchen stuff in the basement BUT I have cleaned out the pantry and truly organized the kitchen...we have to paint the island and we are changing out the floors but I need a floors will get done in the Fall...whew!

Between now and fall we are getting the house painted and the driveway redone...the joys of owning a lovely home! But we love our house and try to take really good care of her...she takes very good care of us! See the pond?

Finished this...did not like it that all!

Reading this...we will see...I am starting to DNF books if I am not into them after a hundred pages...too much out there to read and really enjoy!

Buona Lettura!


  1. Having the floor done will be a breeze after all you've been through!

  2. You are getting there; that is a "good tired"!

  3. I adore your house....from the photos you've shown, I almost feel as though I've visited...

    I only give a book 100 pages, too; you're right. Too many other books to choose from. I have qualms about that if it's a review book, but if it's too grueling, I send a nice e-mail about how I didn't engage with the book. Blaming it on me! lol

  4. Yeah, I'm with JuJu. Is that your house in the bottom of the post. It's freakin' huge! At least you give the author 100 pgs. Agents tell newbie authors they have to catch their attention on the first page or so. Sometimes the first darn line. Crazy!