Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Have Been To The Desert...

Or at least I have been to an AMERICA concert! They were funny, entertaining, and sounded amazing. I love this group!

So much fun...even with the idiot woman clapping her hands over her head for most of the concert...I could see her out of rhythm arms clapping wildly even though she was way far annoying.

Dinner was awesome...we played $20.00 on penny slot machines and worked our winnings up all the way up to $26.85 and when we cashed out we had 2 cents! But it was still so much fun!

Our concert was at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City...we park our car...and stay there until the next morning. Dinner at Izakaya, slot machines, concert, bed, Starbucks and home by 11:30 the next morning...we had a great room...a great view...we steer clear of the is so relaxing to just walk up to our room after the show...and go nighty night!

Exhausted today but I read a ton of my yummy book yesterday! Almost done!

Buona Lettura!


  1. You and Den are the Queen and King of concerts. Love that! Always waiting to her what old-school band you're checking out next!

  2. I loved America back in the day! I'm going to see The Black Keys next month!

  3. What fun! I'm envious. Of everything but that silly lady of course.

  4. I love's been ages since I went to anything. You live near Atlantic City and for me, it's Vegas or Reno/Carson City. Or Tahoe. I was in Vegas five years ago...the last time. Imagine that?

    I think I would have wanted to kick that woman's a**s! lol

  5. I love America! I always did! Very cool!