Tuesday, June 18, 2013


BlogPress is still making me crazy...I can not change my font, using an apostrophe is off limits and when I tried to link my blog just vanished. BlogPress is quick to respond to issues and they said they are working on fixing everything.   Again...this is due to an update. Sigh!

Finished this...it was really good. The writing was beautiful, the Northern California setting is one I love, the apple orchards, the vineyards, the recipes and heavenly food descriptions, the puppies, the relationships...all stuff I love but...this book did not capture me. I really need to be held captive by a book. When I am not, I think it is more my fault than not. I am almost positive this book is the first in a series, too.

Reading this...a girl from a wealthy prestigious Florida family marries a boy from a family that is quite the opposite from hers...so far everything appears to be pointing them toward disaster! Yum!

I just finished this one, too, creepy, scary, very good...I think I truly love dysfunctional dystopian thriller chillers...at least every once in a while!

It is another showery stormy kind of day...I have to zip out this afternoon and then I just want to sit in the sunroom and listen to the rain fall. The vaulted high ceilings in the sunroom and all of the windows there make it my fave place to read and think and listen to music...especially when it rains!

Buona Lettura!


  1. Oh, I'm glad I didn't try to post anything on my Blogger sites today! Word Press has made some changes, too, but so far nothing crazy has happened.

    1. I don't know why or what they are working on...lol...

  2. As you know, I had my blogger issues. Yikes! I just noticed Roxie's pic on the sidebar today! When did that get there?!

  3. Updates make me sad. In the After sounds good!

  4. Hope all of the glitches are fixed! I tried to comment on this post the other day and the computer wouldn't let me. It made me laugh since I had just finished reading about your problems with the update. Today it is letting me comment- so yeah! :)