Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's Up Today?

Today...I am eating grilled salmon and kale salad...courtesy of Whole Foods...I feel almost as though I cooked it!
It's my last take away dinner...yum!

I also bought eggs...there hasn't been an egg in the refrigerator for 3 weeks. I can not wait to fry an egg tomorrow. I bought great bread for toast to dip in my dippy eggs...I am egg obsessed!

Finished this book this was so was the perfect combination of books, quirky characters, horrific fiancé, and love struck pregnant main character...Esme. It was a joyous reading experience. I hated when the book was that delicious. I don't think it's even out until August. But it's amazing. Everyone in the word should read it. You will thank me! Forever...

Up next...hmmm...I think one of these...I know I have said this before but it will be one of these...for sure...I think...

The girls are mad at me...they both got baths today...not even real ones...foamy organic spray...warm wet washcloths...towel dried and brushed...but they stomped off together and are not talking to me! These are their after bath me!

Nighty night! Sweet dreams!

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  1. Hey, at least the girls stomped off together!

    1. Yes they did...on quiet little kitty feet!

  2. Grumpy cats:)

    Your dinner looks good, very fresh!

  3. Sounds fantastic.
    Man oh man I heart salmon.

  4. I see you got your pictures to post.

    Enjoy your dippy eggs. I am craving grits these days with bacon and lots of cheese.

    Today I am going for kabobs at lunch. Hummus and kabobs and the best, buttery, basmati rice.

    I just got that riding camp book sent to me but it will be awhile before I can get to it. I am so behind.

    1. Yes...there was an issue with my blog on iPad...but they fixed it!