Sunday, April 28, 2013

Will It Ever End?

We bought knobs! We forgot to count how many we needed so we bought 40...turns out we actually needed 52! I am not going to show them to you until the kitchen is all done someday! Hopefully!

We ate more bags of salad and chicken!

We yelled at each other because Den did not read the directions for closing the brand new kitty tent and almost broke it!

We bought the sink strainers.

I bought two Nation LTD shirts because I am out of sorts today...

We went to Fresh Market and bought dinner...roasted wine and herbed chicken breasts and baked beans and coleslaw...sort of a Sunday night picnic!

We also bought big huge chocolate cupcakes with tons of buttercream frosting because I am out of sorts today and can't imagine one more day without a kitchen.

Have I mentioned that I am out of sorts today?

Happy Sunday!


  1. I hope you wake up with a sunny attitude tomorrow!

  2. I am sending you sorts...and hugs!

  3. Oh, what a day! I hate when a whole series of things goes is definitely an "out of sorts" kind of day.

    That dinner and that cupcake look good, though. Hope they cheered you up!

  4. ROFL!!! He almost broke that awesome kitty tent?! OMG. I wouldn't want to be him but...I would have liked to see that scene play probably would have went into hiding to watch, though---where it's safe! Lol...Hang in there, Pattycake. You're nearing the end. Only a few more days...

  5. Cupcakes make everything better.

    Hang in there and show us a pic of those knobs when you get a chance.