Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not Bad At All!

Den is downstairs in his study working...all of the old counter tops are gone...Den's study looks like a kitchen girls and I are up in our room...they have to be contained because workers are in and out.

No cooking starts today! I am kind of thrilled about this!

So far we are going to a wine dinner next Friday...Moro's!

Japanese tonight...Kyoto's!

Marie Calendar's frozen dinners tomorrow...this is really Marie! She's kind of cute!

And we just got one of these...

This is our life until April 26th! Our food life anyway...this might be a good time to fast or go on a raw food diet but I can't wash any fruits or veg...

Reading this...light hearted really good chic lit to take my mind off of things...kitcheny things!

I am not worrying about recycling right now...and for the next ten coffee in my favorite mugs, no setting the table, and no flatware...even Lucy and Roxie are using paper and plastic!

Any tips on how to get through this? There will not be running water or a cooktop in the kitchen until the 26th...I guess we could grill but then I have to find somewhere to wash grill utensils...ick!

On another was so hot here yesterday we turned on the air conditioner!


  1. I like your plan of just eating out. It was warm here too but we have refrained from turning on the a/c so far. We went from below average temperatures to above average temperatures in just a couple days.

    1. Our temps did the same thing! We were freezing over the week hot hot yesterday and today!

  2. We have a Qdoba by us but have never tried it.

    1. I think it's like Chipotle...Den liked it!

  3. When we were in the middle of moving we ate prepared sandwiches and salads from the grocery store. No dishes to wash and food wasn't all that bad, or pricey either.

  4. Pretend you are on vacation. Enjoy your eating out. Imagine you are in a hotel, since you can't cook or wash up dishes in one. The Hotel Den and Patty. LOL.

  5. Your attitude about the construction is excellent. I am sure it will be an adventure! Enjoy not cooking for a while. :)