Monday, April 22, 2013


OMG...another week without a seems endless. I should have my kitchen back by Saturday...unpainted, untiled but back...

Den has a grand plan for rearranging can't wait!

Dinner last night at Portobello's...right in our little town...our first time was lovely...a BYOB...only a year old, chef owned! We sat in the window. We ate spicy shrimps and grilled Caesar salad and crab cakes and lobster ravioli! Yum!

Finishing this...this is a new author for me...the book is delightful! Notes are exchanged between Madeline and Elliot. They live in totally different worlds. I am not even sure right now what's real and what isn't.

Off to buy more salad kits...more utensils, more coffee cups, more paper everything...have a delightful Monday!


  1. You'll be so happy to have your kitchen back, you won't want to go out to eat for at least a week!

  2. Sounds awesome! I would be eating up eating out with the no kitchen thing. ;)

  3. How exciting to get your kitchen back...and better!

  4. You are eating at some fabulous looking that's the upside of no kitchen.... Enjoy!

  5. That meal sounds so good...except I'd switch the "ceasar" for grilled chicken salad only...cheese issues, you know! Lol....

  6. That book looks like such fun!

    You have such great places to go to in order to eat out. :)