Thursday, April 11, 2013

It Actually Wasn't So Bad!

It helped that Den was helped that Lucy and Roxie stuck to me upstairs like glue...except for one mad dash that Roxie made downstairs to investigate...she couldn't resist...Lucy knows

It helped that the two men working were neat and careful and meticulous about their work.

I love my new island! It's not even painted yet but I love it! It will get knobs and be all white...granite is blackish...I think! The no water in the kitchen thing is old already. Our Marie Callender's turkey dinners were not as yummy as I thought they would be...Lucy and Roxie slide their paper plates all over the kitchen floor...and the 10 days doesn't even start until tomorrow! Oh...there is a vent there that we just taped shut because we were afraid Roxie would try to slide down it to the basement. They are both having fun jumping in and out of all openings! Sigh!

Finished this...

Reading this...

No cooking allows for tons more reading time!


  1. Replies
    1. It will be better when it's all painted!

  2. I'm glad things are going so well!

  3. You have such a gorgeous kitchen! Even when it's "under construction." Ten days is a long time, but you'll get creative and find a way to have fun.

  4. Looking fabulous! I am glad the process is going so well. I love the tile! :)

  5. Whew! The island is HUGH! I love all of that cabinet space you have.It goes from floor to ceiling, practically. It's awesome. Sounds like the girls are doing fabulously and Roxie is finding her comfort zone. Wonderful!

  6. Did you have an island there before?