Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day Before Kitchen Deconstruct...

It's sunny...it's lovely out...birds are chirping...it is an awesome day!

Finished this...and it was magnificent...it alternated between 1931 and 1938. It took place in Manhattan or Seaview...a beach community in Rhode Island. It was that era where everyone smoked something called Chesterfield's and got dressed up for everything...oh...deviled eggs were big, too! Yesterday was a laundry day...so I sat in the sunroom with Lucy and Roxie and Jakie...and read and folded and folded and read...until before I knew it the book was done. It was lovely!

I actually finished this early this morning...very apocalyptic...very creepy...very scary...not as good as Hunger Games for me but still good.

Now reading this...I plan on more quiet reading in the sunroom today...I truly do need peace and quiet before tomorrow.

The one good thing is that I have convinced Den he needs to be here for this...I am a bit worried about all of my stainless appliances...we do need to keep Roxie and Lucy contained in a room...and I just don't want to monitor all of this by myself...I normally do this stuff on my own but I want his help with this one...

Have an awesome day everyone...I hope you are having a yummy sunny day where you are, too!


  1. it is sunny here! I'm doing laundry and do believe I'm going to adopt your method of folding. So much nicer than standing in a cold dank basement.

  2. Stainless shows scratches and dents pretty well so whether it's you or Den doing the monitoring, someone needs to monitor those appliances. It will all be worth it in the end though! Kitchen remodels go pretty quickly.

  3. Who is Jakie?

    Take a deep breath, things will be just fine!

  4. It is sunny now...yesterday was ferociously windy. I have leaves all over the patio and haven't cleaned them yet because my allergies are acting up! Yikes...

    Enjoy your quiet reading....

  5. Jakie is your bird, right? Wishing you well!

  6. I want to read A Hundred Summers- it looks really good. I am curious about the 1930s. :)