Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Haze Of Shiny Stuff...

We went to the sink and faucet store armed with our measurements and detailed notes from Mike our contractor guy...he is tearing out old countertops and building me a big new island...and directions from our granite guys...and we were still confused...we have a lovely pull down faucet but no sink...who knew sinks could be so confusing? Who knew faucets could be so varied...and shiny...and do so much cool stuff other than just spout water!

We should have moved...seriously!

Oh me oh my...

But we did go to lunch...I had a lovely yummy ahi tuna burger with an amazing pale ale!

Then...we threw caution to the wind and got Rita's Water Ices...which meant that Den had the disgusting combination of root beer water ice and frozen custard and I had frozen custard in a waffle cone...then we couldn't eat dinner...not one bite...which always happens when we have a boozy beery lunch which really means for us a one beer lunch but I love saying boozy...and I actually love saying beery...then while reading the paper we discovered that someone that I had taught died of an overdose...which really makes the day sort of a sad one. She was sweet and smart and funny as a second grader and lost as a 23 year old.


Our plan today is to forget about the kitchen until we have to think of it on Wednesday morning.

Mike said we only have to empty out the cabinets under the sink and old island. Den says we have to take down my huge IKEA industrial shelves so that Mike's guys can get in and out more easily...grrrrrrr!

I need any mess contained to one room so that I keep my sanity so everything is going into Den's I have a few days to get mentally geared up for this...

Lucy Grace and Roxie Blue will be upstairs contained in a bedroom until the guys leave! Yikes!

I think Lucy is pleased by't that look like a smile? And I think Roxie looks worried! Lol!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Your lunch looks FINE! Droooool. I think root beer anything is ucky.
    I'm sorry about your student :(

    Lucy does look she excited about new counters? I found a sweet cat yesterday for adoption- Raisin, a long haired brown tabby girl with green eyes and large soft paws. So far the husband is not cooperating.

  2. I don't think we'll be moving for a while and I'm so not looking forward to upgrading things.

    1. It bites big time and I hate it...after this we get to do the floors!

  3. I like your "boozy beery lunch"; it does slide off of one's tongue so

    When you think about it, you won't have as much of a mess as you fear. And don't forget to photograph it!

  4. That lunch looks so good. So sorry to hear about the girl you knew who passed away. How sad.

    On a happier note- I do think Lucy is smiling. ;)