Sunday, March 24, 2013


My " in a nutshell" summary...

This is an amazing book from America's Test Kitchen filled with comfort food recipes that we have all grown up eating...however...these have been lightened up!

My thoughts after reading and trying out quite a few of the recipes in this book...

This cookbook is filled with really great and practical recipes. I love the way it is organized.
A few of the unique categories are...Baked Not Fried, Pasta Night, The Soup Bowl, A Chicken In Every Pot and about 20 more categories. The recipes are clearly easy to follow. All ingredients are easy to find. I love that there are no fake ingredients...nothing artificial or processed...just really good fresh stuff that turns into really good fresh food!

I have already made and loved the oven baked shrimp, the lighter baked macaroni and cheese, the pasta o's with meatballs...yum...and the beef taco salad. Most of the dinners that I am making this week are going to be from this cookbook...I will wear it out.

It's the way I love to cook!

What I loved about this book...

I really loved that I knew all of the recipes that were being "lightened". General Tao's Chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni salads, shrimp and grits, noodle salads, Pad Thai, and scalloped name just a few. There are scads of recipes in this cookbook.

Plus...I haven't even mentioned desserts! Cookies and cakes and bars and cupcakes...oh my goodness! I made the chocolate cupcakes...totally over the top!

Was there anything that I did not love about this book?

Hmmm...nothing really other than it was a nice compact size BUT still heavy!

Final thoughts...

If you want to eat the foods you love...if you want to maintain good health...if you love a cookbook that is easy to follow and filled with yummy classic light will love this book!

Restaurant faves, classic Italian, fried foods, and chocolate desserts...I am copying these categories from the back cover...are all reconstructed in a much lighter way in this cookbook!

I loved it! My copy came from Amazon Vine!

Off to cook something yummy for lunch!


  1. much as I don't enjoy cooking, I am starting to move in that direction. I love the idea of comfort foods that are healthy. What could be better?