Friday, March 29, 2013

What I Should Do Today...But Probably Won't...

I should...

clean all bathrooms, vacuum everywhere, Murphy's Oil Soap all of the woodwork, vacuum the furniture, plump something, plan menus, get those purpley yellow flowers that I can plant in pots now, grocery shop, wash some windows, wet mop some floors, dust, organize a closet, and a million more things that I should do daily.


since Den is home I will...waste time, read, play with Lucy and Roxie, sit in the sunroom, play Match Up, ponder life, watch Jake, remove Roxie from Jake's cage, make excuses not to move and delightfully fritter away the morning!

Right now?

Breakfast! Eggs! Toast! Raspberry Jam! More coffee!


  1. What you'll be doing sounds much better than what you should be doing. Life's too short!

  2. :) Funny, it's much the same here today. I think days like this are what keeps us going all those other times. You've got me craving toast now. Yours looks soooo good!

  3. I'm SO with you. I'm so bad at being productive on Fridays. Happy Jam! It looks amazing!

  4. I need a pick me up. I feel blue and crummy. Maybe a good night's rest will help.

  5. I like ignoring those "shoulds," too. It's much more fun when we do that...and all those other things will still be there on another day.