Monday, March 25, 2013

It's Always About Books...Really! But Sometimes Other Stuff, Too!

Cannot put this I need to read all of these!
Who is Aloysius Pendergast? What is he? These books are so good!

Kindle loaded and ready to rock and roll! I have a new love for these Swedish/Norwegian mysteries!

Cover love...and story love, too...

Egg McMuffin anyone?

Secrets...I love books about secrets...

Thank you Amazon Vine and NetGalley!

And these...Thank you Edelweiss! OMG...I want to jump into this one! Now!

And psychological suspense? As long a it's not mine...I love it!

Happy Snowy Monday! Lucy is snuggled in her toasty heated bed...while Roxie is watching the snow!


  1. Enjoy all the books. Looks like some really good ones.

  2. I've been whining about our cold weather but I'm happy we don't have snow.

  3. I love The Laws of Gravity cover. Will you be reading/reviewing it?

  4. Pendergast is a special agent but based on how many books he's been in, I consider him to be much older than the pic you shared in the other post. And I don't picture him in my mind, being pale like a vampire either. I sort of picture as the guy from Jurrasic Park, Richard Attenborough.

  5. A heated bed? How yummy and decadent! Go Lucy. Go Lucy. Go Lucy go! Ha ha ha....

  6. The books all look so awesome...and I don't recognize any of them! A fact that demonstrates how MANY books there are out there, and that I have NO HOPE of reading them

    The "girls" looks cozy.

  7. Holy books! Look at all of them! I haven't read any of them- but they do sound fabulous! Happy reading!

  8. I think I read The Lake House..but I can't remember. Books,they fill my brain,so many of them. I love that you're such a huge reader too:)

  9. Ohh a good list of books! Enjoy!