Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Am A Kitty Enabler! I Am!

Yesterday...the sun was actually out! The sunroom was filled with sun! Roxie innocently sat on Lucy's favorite lounger. Lucy paced the sunroom trying to decide on her attack plan. Before she settled on one...I placed Lucy's second favorite lounger in the sunroom. They both stayed there side by side for hour after peaceful hour.

See! Little Roxie Blue is barely nervous. Lucy knows she is in charge and chillaxes almost right away!


Reading good! This author wrote The Emperor's Children. The writing in this book is delicious...and the kind of dysfunction I love in a book!

Dinner out tonight...sushi and Tuna Kyoto's to start off a long Easter holiday! Plus a little bit of Saki! Yum!

Now I need to vacuum upstairs and down...put things in order...catch up on The Rachel Zoe love/hate obsession!

Then read and play with kitties until dinner!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Yeah for the kitties! The sunroom is a great place to bond and relax! :)

    I almost had sushi tonight, too! But- I went with something a little closer to home. This was a LONG week.

  2. Very smart thinking....and they look very cozy in their parallel

  3. You have this down! You are such a good Momcat!