Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let's Just Sit And Read!

It's chilly. It's damp. There is another storm coming. I really just want to sit and read...maybe make dinner...maybe...maybe not. It's a peaceful week end. Lucy has the right idea!

Finished author...chilling tale...Adirondacks...mystery...mean mother in law...dead husband...a cover up that is falling apart...

Watched this movie last sweet...we loved it...Lucy has a crush on Simon the Lion...did you know the real zoo behind this movie is in England?

I have never read any of M.K.Hobson's books and I was asked to review one so I am reading this one's filled with magic, suspense, far very yummy...the perfect book to cozy up on the sofa with for Football Sunday when the Denver Broncos are on at 1:00!

Go Broncos!

Friday, November 2, 2012


Finished this...always funny, intense, and slightly scary...very YA but I love this series.

Reading this...first time author, set in the winter in the Adirondacks, murder, mystery, chilling suspense and so far very fast paced. Thank you, NetGalley!

Did you know...the Starbucks Christmas cups are out?

And...when I was out on Wednesday getting Trick Or Treat candy...the aisles were filled with Christmas candy?

I have a really intense need to buy a red sweater!!!

Hmmm...I know it doesn't look red...but it really is!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just Some Odds And Ends...

I just read an article about pumpkins...every year we buy beautiful ones and toss them out. But now I am going to chop them up for the deer. There was a huge antlered deer by the deck the other day!

Oh boy! Snacks!

While filling the bird feeders yesterday...a red fox appeared...really close and seemingly unafraid...yikes! She ate a chunk of whole grain bread!

I am just a little afraid of venturing outside today...I think it's a stay in day.

So...reading this...

Making this for dinner...from The Kitchn...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Everything Is Put Away...

Generator, cords, supply baskets, head lights, towels, extra batteries, radio...all stored neatly away...I can't even bring myself to say for the next time...and our distress was nothing compared to what happened barely an hour or two away.

What I learned...hmmm...

I learned that my husband is a born protector...he will do anything to keep his little family safe and sound. I learned how sweet my family is...calling every few hours to make sure we were ok.

I also learned that I rely on tv, my laptop, my IPad, my kindle and the Internet...way too much!

I learned to not crave chocolate chip cookies when there is no electricity.

I learned that a hot shower has amazing healing powers. My neighbor took a cold shower in buckets of icy water and then got a ticket yesterday on his way to work.

I learned to let some things go...I am not going to review or try to review books that expired on NetGalley and Edelweiss today. I am forgetting about them and looking forward to November.

I learned that no matter how soggy our lawn is...Halloween is on for tonight. Dinner will be interrupted by a ringing doorbell and lots of children calling trick or treat!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coffee! Hopefully A More Normal Day!

We did not have power for parts of yesterday and all night...we went to bed with power but woke up without must have happened early in the night because the house was freezing...the refrigerator was warm...but after more calls to my brothers...Den woke me up with my favorite mug and favorite coffee. So...I am calling this my $1600.00 cup of coffee...give or take a few

What a day!

Take care and thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers!

Monday, October 29, 2012

It's The Wait That Is Excrutiating...

Seriously...yesterday was very stressful...we are not that great with machinery...and this generator thing is freaky scary.  It needs to be grounded...and the manual said it shouldn't get wet?  Everyone we bought it from knew it was for a hurricane!!!  We didn't have a funnel to put stuff into poor Den...he worried and worked for hours to get everything ready.  Cables and plugs and what to plug in...we needed help with everything...both of my brothers are engineers...they guided us through this mess of stuff...they are like my dad...they know how to do things that we do not.

So today we sit and wait...everything is closed...schools...companies...offices...and there is an impending feeling of gloom and doom.  Watching tv is making us stress even more...and its because we feel as though we have been living this storm since Thursday. 

I have books to read and books have come in but somehow I am not even thinking about that.  I have to read something that will take my mind off of everything going on outside.  We even have our bathtubs filled with water...if we lose power we don't have water either...whoopsie...I almost forgot about that part...another down side to lovely Hurricane Sandy.

Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers...I appreciate them so much! 

Again...outside it looks so normal...geese in the pond, no wind, a lovely light rain...that's what makes this whole thing so unbelievable.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

We Are Ready!

This is our idea of hurricane preparedness...the tuna is an expensive Italian one that we are sacrificing for Lucy...if we need to!

We went out to breakfast this we won't need to eat for awhile. Everything here is's warm...there is a beautiful light rain...I got to wear my new cape raincoat for the first time...but underneath there is this heavy weird feeling for what is to come.


And when the lights go out...we are going to follow Lucy!

Happy Calm Before The Storm!