Saturday, April 28, 2012


I am so cold...I think it is because I am wearing shorts and short sleeves...and we had a "hard freeze" last night...there has not been sunny warm deck time...and we have been eating soup!
It feels more like winter now than winter did!
I have no clue what is happening here!
I want this...From Pinterest of course...

But we have this...

I just had to drink a cup of hot hot hot coffee because I am so cold! But now I have on long pants and a thermal top!
Have I mentioned that I am cold?
I had to get a winter blanket out again...because...
Patty and Lucy and Denny are cold!
In almost May?
Hey...I want in there...

Reading this...private school, secret society, mystery, and a girl who speaks to Edward R. Murrow? Really good stuff. Thank you, Jennifer Miller.

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A Very Stony Saturday

This is what is going down today!

Digging...digging...and even more digging!

Den thinks he didn't order enough stones but this is a pretty big pile of lovely stones!

We/he is filling in the area under the deck and actually making it bigger. We/he will put cobblestone pavers in it for planters and walking...kind of like stepping stones.

Oh boy...

It is cold here today and last night we had a hard freeze!

I am anxious to plant but I guess I have to wait a bit!

This comes up every year...just like this...I don't even know what they are other than pink heart shaped little flowers!

Have a happy Saturday! Lucy and I are off to supervise!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love these!!!

Chairs!!! I love this one from Napastyle. I love the dog and book on the seat,too.

And these lights from the same place...

I am still loving Pinterest...found this there...

Lucy's newest passion...
The ants move...I tap them...she watches...the game ends...and we do it all over again!
She snuggles in my arms for IPad time...there is a YouTube video of a real frog
watching this...she watched that video, too.
Who knew?
Obviously she is a very clever

Yep...very clever!

Happy Friday!

Just A Lazy Day...Today...

Yesterday I took part in a video conference about fashion...i did this with 6 other women from all over the country. It was actually totally fascinating and so much fun. The only problem?

I learned that I can not sit still...I write, move, play with my hair, sip water, and make faces. I must always do this...


I annoyed myself with my inability to sit still.

Finishing this...there are lots of biblical references in this book as seen and understood through the eyes of this little girl. It is so sweetly written. We see the world through the eyes of the little girl. Her thoughts are funny but sort of sadly funny. I am really smitten with this book!

I am seriously exhausted from yesterday...setting up a camera, rearranging my day, actually doing hair and makeup and getting mildly dressed up for this...washing and drying and flat ironing my hair?

Making sure the room behind me was dust free and tidied...I was in my husband's study because they did not want me to be wireless...and that is where the unwireless stuff is...and it's a sort of cowboy Western themed room...that I don't usually spend time in.

And for the entire two hours...Lucy threw herself against the door and cried...she whimpered, moaned, and literally flew into my arms when I finally opened the door...almost sobbing...


Taking the day off today...reading, maybe a movie...Lucy is not leaving my side...

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Read This...Made This...Want This...Love This...

Read this...story of two in in discovery...a soft light yummy book about an ever changing friendship.

Made this...from a site called Cookistry...with freshly whipped cream and the most amazing was perfection!
If you just google yellow cake with will come up...I love this site...amazing recipes...this cake has yogurt in was moist and yummy!

Want this...I love Chan Luu bracelets. I think I sort of need a present, Dennis!!!

Love this...OMG...she hates these funny!

Happy Wednesday!!!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peonies And Lilacs And Books!

My grandmother grew these. She had vases of them all over her house. I have sort of forgotten about them until Pinterest...there are pages upon pages of them...I need some now!

Peonies! But I don't think you can plant them and have lovely flowers right away...I think you have to wait a while?

Lilacs, too...I seem to plant the flowers my grandma loved...we have a white lilac and a purple lilac tree but the purple one has not had flowers in two years...I guess I need to google some reasons why.
Another cool photo from Pinterest.

And last year we planted my mom's is called Rose Of Sharon...isn't that unusual?

Finished sad so sweet so good...mean mean girls and private school and a real honest to goodness mystery. Loved it.

Now reading this...magic from the first page...

This was such a busy day...I am exhausted and ready to curl up with my good book.
How about you?

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Books In The House...

Oh my goodness...what books get added to the stack of books to be read?
Here are a few of all of their bookish glory!

It is a tradition to read her every summer...

Call this one cover love and an alluring description...described by Horn Book as a "potent historical novel".

And this...described as a "tale of love lost and found, the rekindling of passion and the complex dynamics of family and friendship". Oooh!

And a edgy chilling mystery...

And another even edgier chilling mystery...

And this author's newest..I love this author's books...this one is about a school, a man with a gun and a student. The story is told by five different narrators. I know...most likely intense but I still want to read it.

My lovely stash was provided by various publishers through NetGalley and Amazon Vine. I am more than appreciative.

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