Monday, December 3, 2012

Still Humming She's Gone...But It's Back To Books!

I have to read these this week...I promised...

But in between I am reading the kid who never takes his scarf off...I love brother sister books where the siblings are odd, quirky and spunky!

Off to clean and organize...make soup and cornbread...I need order in my life to function! Well...soon I will clean and organize...right now Lucy and I are sipping coffee and reading stuff...I have all day long to get this house in order!
Happy Monday!


  1. Mmmm... soup and cornbread would hit the spot here - it snowed overnight.

  2. I want to read The Roundhouse soon too!

  3. I still haven't read anything by Louise Erdrich...but this one looks good!

    Soup and cornbread are great for cold weather and/or rainy days.

  4. Your day sounds lovely! I need to get my life in order, too! Such a busy time of year. :)