Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sara Smiles And So Do I!

Back from the Borgata and Hall and much fun! Events occurred as follows...

Left our house around 4 ish to drive to there around 5:15.

Checked in...paid the outrageous Borgata room rate plus a $150.00 security deposit..refunded if we don't party hard and rip the room apart. Oh me oh my!

Keep in mind the world of casinos is a world foreign to us...we go to Atlantic City for the Borgata's concerts.

Tried to find a penny slot machine free of smoke...we played with ten dollars and kept winning and winning and winning...when we cashed in we realized we won 60 cents!

Had an amazing dinner at Izakya...our favorite restaurant there...Japanese...small bites..wonderful.

Went back to our room to brush our teeth and change for the concert.

At about this time Den started complaining about the loud voices in the room next door. Well...he complained about them as soon as we got to our room but I am trying to be kind.

Concert was Hall sings better than ever. John Oates is a munchkin...cute and tiny!

Had a quick drink after the concert then headed back to our room...voices still coming from the room next door...just a bit louder...maybe more people? Den grumbling more...but the voices couldn't be heard with the TV on...Den grumbling that sleep will be impossible. He swears he was up all night...I didn't hear a thing and slept like a baby. Concerts and casinos are exhausting!

Left at around our deposit home to a disgruntled Lucy...we left her in charge since we were not even gone a day!

Her face asks us...

how on earth could the two of you leave me alone in this house without entertainment for barely a day? What were you thinking? Concert? Bah...humbug!

Happy Sunday!


  1. So Sara smiled, you smiled, Lucy did not.
    Glad you had fun! And that Lucy is happy now too!

  2. Sometimes things are challenging even when you're having a great time. The stuff you have to go through (and Lucy, too!) in order to enjoy concerts, etc. Afterwards, did you ask yourself if it was worth it?

    I suspect it was. And Lucy will

    1. I would not have missed it for anything! It was fabulous!

  3. Whew, I'm glad y'all didn't party too much so you could get your deposit back. Congrats on the 60 cents win!

    1. Yep...our party hardy days are over...I didn't even dance in the aisles...too many scooter chairs in the way!

  4. I am with Den! I hate hotel rooms with loud people next door. I once had to attend a conference in Vegas for work. I had the entire floor to myself for 3 days and then this loud mouth checked in on the last night. I wanted, really wanted him to fall off the balcony. Was that mean of me?

    1. I slammed the door twice when we were leaving!

  5. Wow, sounds like you had a blast! Daryl's voice is indeed richer than ever.

  6. So glad the concert was fun! It sounds like a night to remember. ;)